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Over 1,100 visitors have weighed in, and Trapped has higher than 4.9 stars on Google Reviews.

9 unique rooms

Trapped has THE MOST ESCAPE ROOMS you’ll find anywhere in the Twin Cities, with more on the way.

+13 remote offerings

If you finish all our rooms, the fun doesn’t stop there! Check out our at-home and remote experiences.

Trapped Minneapolis

Trapped Minneapolis is conveniently located right in the North Loop, and features 4 action packed escape rooms. This is our newest location.

Trapped St Paul

Trapped St Paul is home to two of our most popular room, as well as our three newest experiences! 

The Lodge of Lazarus Crowe

Interconnected narrative escape experiences with a thematic cafe and bar!

Why People Love Us

Remote Experiences

Trapped offers a wide range of remote puzzle and escape experiences, you can enjoy from anywhere – we’ve got something for everyone!

Furlock Holmes

Furlock Holmes: The Museum Mystery is a self-guided digital adventure run over a web browser.

Trapped Takeout

Escape rooms In a box! These five unique Trapped originals are the perfect take-home puzzles.

Ruff Bluff

Join the Barker Street Detectives through four distinct acts, uncovering puzzles and identifying the culprit.

Audio Escapes

With a live narrator and stunning images, these virtual escape rooms can be played from anywhere in the world!