Trapped Takeout

Ruff Bluff: A Furlock Holmes Mystery, Confectionary Countdown, The Reelburger Box Set, Taco TWOsday, and Retro Rad Pizza Adventure are  “escape-room-in-a-boxes” overflowing with flavor and fun!

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Following the disappearance of Barbara Fetcher’s priceless Ruby Bone, you’ll join the Barker Street Detectives through four distinct acts, uncovering puzzles and identifying the culprit.
What happened at Ms. Fetcher’s poker game?
Which of the guests stole the artifact?
What secrets from their past are they trying to keep buried?
Ruff Bluff incorporates the challenge and excitement of an escape room in an engaging and mysterious narrative.
Howl for your pack of friends to investigate together, or sniff out the clues on your own!

Rieven Reelburger has hidden five secret burgers amongst his cinematic works. You, as hopeful “Bunters” (Burger Hunters) must delve into the digital worlds of Reelburger’s movies to discover the burgers. If someone finds all five secret burgers, it is said that they will gain Rieven Reelburger’s greatest treasure.

The Reelburger Box Set includes five main sections: “Mandibles”, “Near Encounters of the Alien Kind”, “Illinois Bones”, “The Boonies”, and “Prehistoric Park”.
That’s 3-6 hours of puzzle-filled fun! 

Build excitement for your special event with Confectionary Countdown!

Jam-packed with 29 puzzles, this experience will allow you to pace your puzzling in 10-15 minute increments as you countdown to a special occasion or chow down on a smorgasbord of puzzles all in one sitting.

Confectionary Countdown is perfect for leading up to a holiday, birthday, or other special occasion, or for simply satisfying your sweet tooth. 

The world FBI (Flour Bureau of Investigation) and CIA (Corn Intelligence Agency) must join forces to stop the Guaca-mole! 
Designed for two teams to tackle together or remotely with 2-3 hours of teamwork!
Inside this puzzling pizza box, you’ll find six pizza slices, each whisking you away to a different animated world and providing 1-2 hours of enigmatic entertainment. 
Wowzers! That’s 6-12 total hours of puzzling!

If you want your Taco TWOsday packets shipped to different locations, you will need to place two separate orders. We currently are only able to accept one shipping address with each order. If you have any questions, please email us at trappedtakeout@gmail.com.

Our pickup times are weekly on Fridays, from 4-6pm. Note: Pick-ups are only for Confectionary Countdown, The Reelburger Box Set and Retro Rad Pizza Adventure. All Taco TWOsday puzzles will be shipped!

If you need to set up a different time to pick up your takeout experience, please reach out, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

***We are so excited to share our puzzles with you and will do our best to get your orders fulfilled in a timely fashion. That being said, our shipping times may be affected by the delays currently effecting the country. Please keep that in mind if you are needing your product to arrive by a specific date and order early to avoid potential delays.***