After all… stranger things have happened!


You put your plan into action – lure it to a small clearing in the woods, tie it up, and apply the dry ice directly to its soft underbelly. The monster writhes, screeching in pain. Then, it begins to disintegrate into dust, vanishing completely.


With the monster defeated, the gloom that surrounded the In-Between also begins to lift. Angles are sharper, colors are brighter, and you get the overwhelming sense that everything will be alright now. You trudge back to the portal that connect your two worlds, Port chasing close behind you. Waving good bye to your new-found pet, you step back into Eagleford as the portal vanishes behind you. It seems, for now at least, you’ve saved the town and sealed off its connection to the In-Between.

Thank you for playing this Mystery Night experience! To return this experience to us, please place everything back in the box. Place the large objects below the interior flaps, close the flaps, and place the flatter items (paper, ruler, marker, etc.) on top. Below are the things to make sure are included when you return the box:


3 locks. 

A small cloth bag filled with 14 square tiles.

A large cloth bag with 9 wooden pieces.

20 “cards” in a ziplock bag.

All sheets of paper.

6 small laminated rectangles.

1 laminated sheet.

1 ruler.

1 marker.