Your final ship assembly should look like the following diagram:

If it is, you’re approved for take-off! Continue reading below…

With your ship assembled, you gather everyone aboard – the various alien visitors, the stranded survivors, and your own crew – and depart from the desolate planet. Your ship climbs out of the atmosphere and, as it enters the void of space, laser beams, photon torpedoes, fighter jets, and tractor beams narrowly miss your hull. From your viewscreen, you see hundreds of vessels locked in battle.

Before you’re able to work out who is fighting whom, you receive a hail and instruct your communications officer to put it on the screen.

“Greetings, commander. It doesn’t appear that your ship is armed for combat. I recommend leaving this area. Why did you fly into the middle of the Galactic War?”

Galactic War…? You haven’t heard of that before. Your ship’s computer queries this information from its databanks and discovers the Galactic War has been waged in this space sector for nearly one hundred years. How could you not know this?

Then, it dawns on you. Time travel. You must have changed something about this region of space when you went back in time. This is all your fault. But, you don’t have time now to contemplate temporal mechanics – you need to get out of this battle alive!

Will you make it? Tune in next time for the thrilling conclusion to MYSTERY NIGHT… IN SPAAACE!