Audio Escape Adventure

 It’s your lucky day. You have been randomly selected to be the first visitors to Prehistoric Park! Boarding a private helicopter, you head off on the all-expense paid vacation of your dreams.
After all, what could possibly go wrong on an island filled with dinosaurs? 

You receive a letter in the mail, asking for your help with a new scientific discovery that could change the very course of history. When you arrive, the laboratory looks old, unused, and abandoned. With your curiosity piqued, why has Herbert, the mysterious letter writer, asked for your help?  

There’s only one way to find out.

Book your experience through our website, gather some friends (virtually), and join us for an audio adventure unlike any other. Tickets are $15/person, with a 3 ticket minimum.


“Herbert’s Laboratory is delightful. Trapped Puzzle Rooms uses the digital elements of this new game to their advantage, allowing players to “do” things that would otherwise be impossible in a physical escape room. There’s a wonderful story, and our DM (I mean, our gamemaster), was great, indulging our jokes, desired actions, and sometimes ridiculous requests.”

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“With the addition of some delightfully stylized cartoon-style graphics, Prehistoric Park comes to life, not just in the descriptions of a spoken word, not just in our own imaginations, but right before our very eyes…

…Simply put, they figured out a way to crack the formula and create an audio-driven experience that appeals to all types of player. As they say, “Life… uh… finds a way.”

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 How does this work? 
This experience runs on an audio program called Discord. On the afternoon of the day you’re scheduled to play, the person who made the booking will receive a link to your Discord channel. That person will be responsible for sending that link out to the other players. We recommend that 15 minutes prior to your appointed time, all players log on to Discord, to make sure there are no connectivity issues. At your appointed start time, a live host will narrate you through the experience, using audio clues and illustrations.

What do I get with my ticket?
One ticket is for one person to play the game. There is a 3-ticket minimum purchase. (You can certainly play with just two people, or even as a solo experience! But you’ll notice that price will still be $45+tax, the price for 3 tickets). It does not matter whether participants are playing in the same room on the same device, or on separate devices across the state/country/world: one ticket = one participant.

How long does this experience last?
This experience has typically been running 65-75 minutes, but you have up to 90 minutes to finish your mission. We want groups to enjoy the experience, so we’ve given you ample time.

Is this experience appropriate for kids? 

Absolutely! We recommend this experience for players 10 and older. 

 Can my friends/family from out of town play it?

Yes – we’d love that! Be aware that all times are Central Time.

Do we have to play at our appointed time, or can we play whenever we want?

Since there’s a live host, the experience will take place at the appointed time. 

 I’m having technical troubles getting into Discord! What should I do?

You can email us at or call us at (612) 424-0812