Taking Puzzle Rooms “On the Road”: The Allure of Traveling Puzzle Rooms

You and your friends enjoy escape rooms. Maybe you’re even a bit addicted. Perhaps you’ve bested all the escape rooms in the area, and you’re left wondering, “now what?” Or you’re an event planner looking for something different to make your event stand out.

An escape room trailer or installation at your party, celebration, reunion, or corporate event is just the thing for fun entertainment that guests can choose to join.

Trapped Puzzle Rooms has a dynamic and exciting escape room experiences at our two Twin Cities area locations. But you may not know that we also have a variety of puzzle-solving experiences that can take your party or event to the next level.

Whether you’re hosting a small gathering of a handful of friends or planning a larger event for hundreds of people, an escape room is a fun addition to make your private event stand out.

Escape Rooms Ready to Come to You

At Trapped, we have two mobile escape rooms that are ready to be set up at your private event.

Mystery Nights

This escape-room-in-a-box is designed to be played in groups of six in an open area, such as a bar or another event. It lasts from 1-3 hours, depending on the savvy of your teams and what else is going on. It’s a great low-key, opt-in experience that can provide entertainment and socialization for interested people, and it’s fun too!

Because it runs in the background, it doesn’t have the pressure to beat the clock that typical escape rooms have. That makes it a more relaxing sleuthing experience that you can pick up and put down if you’re called away for a toast or a dance. As the party host, you can even offer prizes for the winning team who solves the mystery first.

Clue Dun’ It?

If you’ve always wanted to host a murder mystery party in your home, we have the experience for you. Our facilitators from Trapped Puzzle Rooms will arrive with our Clue Dun’ It escape room experience and set it up in a designated room or area. Evoking the fun detective mayhem of the original Clue game and movie, your guests will be figuring out who killed Mr. Boddy, and how. It’s a 45-minute experience played in groups of 8-12 at a time. You can have your guests sign up for times to participate. You can offer a prize for the group that gets the best time, too.

Custom Puzzle Rooms Designed Just for You and Your Event

Custom Puzzle Rooms

Designers from Trapped Puzzle Rooms are masters of how to create an escape room. You can hire our team to create a custom trapped escape room for your event. We’ll work with your theme, and we can add in some surprises and Easter eggs for guests. We can build it around a specific person as well.

Great Ideas for Events to Add a Puzzle Room Experience

No matter the type of event you are hosting, adding a Trapped escape room can provide fun and entertainment. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Birthday Parties

Looking for a new way to celebrate? If your kids are teens, or you’re celebrating an adult, consider installing an escape room at your birthday party! All you need is a single dedicated space that can comfortably hold about ten people.

We can bring one of our traveling escape rooms, or our designers at Trapped can make an escape room themed for the celebrant, including clues that use pictures or artifacts from their lives.

Bar Mitzvahs or Bat Mitzvahs

After the ceremony, there are extended celebrations following, and all of the teens gathered are looking to have some fun. Bar and bat mitzvahs are known for their entertainment, and you want your child’s celebration to be memorable. Add an escape room experience to your lineup of circus performers, artists, and photo booth installations.

Graduation parties

Graduation Themed Puzzle Rooms

Celebrate the graduate with a custom escape room about the graduate. Escape from high school or college!

Retirement Parties

Using events from your retiree’s life, we can create an escape room showing how they escaped from the world of work and emerged into retirement, or we can set up one of our beloved experiences for guests to enjoy.

Family Reunions

When you host a family reunion, you know you need things to do. You also have many generations of guests to entertain. Set up an escape room alongside your bounce-houses, face painters, and clowns, so you have an option for older kids and families. Escape rooms are great for intergenerational fun because everyone can contribute.

Field Days

Field Days are often associated with outdoor activities, but what if there is bad weather that day? Plus, you want to provide some inside opportunities for kids who overheat, can’t stay in the sun long, or want to try their hand at solving a puzzle room instead of the dunking booth or three-legged race.

Teachers and students can be in groups together, solving the Clue mystery or a themed event built just for your school. Teams of 6 can play our Mystery Night while others are shooting hoops or having other free-choice time.

Conferences and Conventions

Use Traveling Puzzle Rooms at Conventions

Planning a convention or a professional conference? Trapped escape rooms are a great add-on for these events. After colleagues finish a networking hour, they can head into an escape room experience to see how their complementary talents measure up to the challenge. Plus, companies often like to have teams take part in escape room experiences to build cohesion and work relationships.

At a convention, Trapped designers can bring one of our experiences as a value-add for the admissions price, or design a completely new experience to match your convention’s theme. An anime encounter for an anime con, a dungeon encounter for a gaming con, a spaceship adventure for a sci-fi con – the possibilities are endless.

Schedule a Puzzle Room for Your Private Event

If you’re interested in bringing Clue Dun’ It or Mystery Nights to your next event, email us at events@trappedpuzzlerooms.com today to get on our schedule. You can also email to learn more about hiring our team to build a custom escape room just for you and your event. We love creating escape rooms, and we would love to build one for you.

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