Sweet Victory! Building the Perfect Halloween Mystery Escape Room


Here at Trapped Puzzle Rooms, we love Halloween! We know we are not the only ones. It’s no mystery; who doesn’t love a chance to become someone, or something, else, just for a day.

For this Halloween, we recommend you skip the Trick or Treating and treat yourself to a Halloween Themed Escape Room of mystery and fun! 

Creepy faces made by party people

Fun For the Whole Family!

Let’s face it:

Kids love Trick or Treating. Typically though, parents don’t. It’s crowded and noisy and somewhat scary. Your kids get tired, and you end up carrying them, their candy, or, most likely, both. Sure, you score an almost year-long cache of candy, but who honestly needs that?

We want to offer an alternative. Turn a room in your house into a Halloween-themed escape room! 

Laughing girl in a witch costume looking and smiling through a hole of red, yellow paper background.

Invite some of your kid’s friends over (and their parents of course!) and have a fun and friendly competition. 

Choose a theme and have everyone dress up! Some fun options include, but are most certainly not limited to;

  • Harry Potter
  • Marvel/Superheroes
  • The Lion King
  • Unicorns/mermaids
  • Dinosaurs
  • Cowboys
  • Pirates
  • Anything you can think of, let your imagination run wild!

Encourage the grown-ups to dress up as well; it’ll be more fun for everyone.

Contact us at Trapped Puzzle Room. If you’ve got ideas on your mind already, great! We want to help you bring your vision to life. If you have no idea what you want to do, also great! We are more than happy to work with you to create your perfect puzzle room experience. 

We are confident that once you share in the family fun and bonding experience a puzzle room can be, you’ll never want to go back to dull old Trick or Treating again. You’ll love it, your kids will love it, and all your guests will love you for it.

happy family mother father and children in costumes and makeup on a celebration of Halloween

Plus, you can still include the best part about the traditional Halloween experience; candy! Have it in bowls spread throughout the party, or, if you want to crank your experience up a notch, consider making it a prize for escaping the room!

Of course, no party is complete without the proper refreshments. A Halloween party calls for Halloween hor d’oeuvres.  Check out Delish for fun and inventive ideas for cookies and snacks!

Calling All Big Kids

For all the big kids out there, Halloween usually consists of staying in and watching scary movies while handing out candy, or going to a loud and crowded bar and spending more than you would wish on drinks. 

Halloween fun is not just for children anymore. It’s the perfect time for grown-ups to feel like kids again. This year, embrace your inner child while simultaneously stepping back in time and looking  forward into a Halloween-themed escape room.

Halloween Costume Party: Creepy Zombie Wearing Torn Bloody Suit Smiles. In the Background Beautiful Witch, Gorgeous She Devil and Scary Death and Count Dracula Dancing in the Decorated Room

Invite all your friends over, have them put on their party hats, show off their puzzle-solving faces, and warm up their Halloween snack appetites. 

One way to get everyone into the proper mood is to encourage everyone to dress in their best costume. Set the theme and plan a prize for the guest who best represents the spirit of your party. 

The puzzle room should complement your party theme. How do I do that, you might be asking yourself. Never fear, Trapped Puzzle Room is here to help. We are ready and able to turn any crazy idea you have into the perfect puzzle room.

We have compiled a list of some fun and fanciful ideas for your party and puzzle room.

  • Game of Thrones (bonus points for zombie versions of the characters who died in season 8!)
  • Stranger Things (all the 80’s nostalgia)
  • Disney characters (live-action versions, for the win!)
  • Marvel Characters (double bonus points for zombie versions of characters who died in Endgame!)
  • Downton Abbey (the new movie has thrown us all back into the Upstairs, Downstairs drama)
  • Any idea your inner child can come up with

For fun and spooky snacks and drinks, check out these devilish delights

Don’t forget the cocktails. We’ve managed to scare up a great list here. Number 11 looks bloody delicious!

No Muss, No Fuss

If the idea of hosting a Halloween party in your house is less than appealing, we have a perfect solution for you. Let us be your host! We have so many great options for holiday fun; you won’t boo-lieve it!

Creepy mummy crawls toward you

We have several themed rooms that perfectly lend themselves to a little Halloween fun. Some of the best options include:

Saint Paul Location

  • Become Your Favorite Witch or Wizard!

“Take a trip to the world-famous school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Headmaster has fallen, and a new regime is ready to take over. You need to get into the Headmaster’s office and retrieve the Elder Wand before it’s too late!”    -A Very Potter Experience

  • Mystery Room

“The eccentric millionaire Stephen Pillager has a stolen painting hidden away in his personal art gallery. As our extraction team, it’s up to you to slip past his security system and retrieve the valuable artwork.”     -The Heist

North Loop Location

  • Westeros Is Closer Than You Think

“While your queen is in exile, the North gains power and now poses a threat to the entire realm. It’s up to you and your fellow knights to protect the kingdom.”   –A Room of Ice and Fire

  • Tights and Flight!

“In A Super Heroic Escape Room, a new Super Villain has thwarted our team of heroes, and his Doomsday machine is wreaking havoc on the world’s weather. Can you and your friends foil his evil scheme before it’s too late?”     -A Super Heroic Escape Room

Any of these puzzles would be perfect for a ghoulishly good time! To amp up the Halloween fervor, encourage your party to dress for the room. Pull out those Potter and GOT costumes!

Whatever your flavor, we here at Trapped Puzzle Room are ready to accommodate you. Contact us now to plan your Halloween festivities!

Waving skeleton belly up to the bar


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