One Loopy Day! Fun and Games in the North Loop

The beautiful summer weather is here! Now is a perfect time for you to check out the North Loop. The esteemed North Loop of Minneapolis is filled to the brim with restaurants and attractions just waiting to be explored. 

Gathering some friends for a day of fun and games will ensure a memorable time for everyone involved. One perfect activity for you and your friends is a puzzle room! These rooms offer your group a fun and exciting challenge as you work together to solve a series of puzzles. 

Contact Trapped Puzzle Rooms for all of your puzzle room and fun game night needs! We have fantastic challenges for all.

The Trendy North Loop

The North Loop is a stylish and fashionable neighborhood located in Minneapolis, MN. Home of the Minnesota Twins, game-day is even more exciting. Bustling with unique restaurants and trendy shops, it is a great choice to spend an exciting day.

Whether you are going to the big game or traveling around the city, bringing others with you is a superb idea. Spending time with your family and friends is a great way to unwind and enjoy yourself. 

A great way to spend your time is solving puzzles with your friends! Trapped Puzzle Rooms, located in the North Loop, has you covered. You can come in person and experience the various themed problems, or the puzzles can come to you!

Family-Friendly Activities

There is fun for all in the North Loop. Spending time with your family is fun and rewarding.

Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities within the North Loop. There are many options available to ensure that everyone has a good time. We will plan out a fun day that your entire family can enjoy.

The 4th Avenue Playground is a great place to start your day.  Kids have lots of energy and running and playing on a playground is an excellent way to spend that energy. This playground is custom-designed with a nature theme and even nature tracks.

Once everyone is tired of playing, what is better than eating delicious food? You can bring your family to Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza. Pizza is a fantastic choice, and with so many toppings, that means everyone can enjoy!

After the playground and food, you will want to finish the day with something fun, unique, and memorable! A visit to Trapped Puzzle Rooms is the perfect destination. With various themed puzzle rooms, your family can choose the best puzzle for them.

Trapped Puzzle Rooms offers incredible puzzle rooms that will be fun for a younger crowd. These friendlier themes will ensure everyone in your family will have a good time!

Try your hand at “Diagonal Alley,” a puzzle room filled with magical surprises. Casting spells and solving puzzles is a unique way to create memories!

Another option is “A Super Heroic Escape Room,” themed after superheroes and villains! You and your group will have to foil an evil scheme before it’s too late! You will be the hero if you take your friends or family to this one-of-a-kind puzzle room!

Fun with Friends

Having fun with your family is undoubtedly rewarding, but sometimes you want to gather up your buddies and hit the town! The North Loop certainly has many options for you. 

The North Loop is the location of Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins. Enjoying a baseball game is one of America’s favorite past-times, and with good reason. Watching a game with all of your friends would be a terrific way to start the day.

From there, the right choice would be either food, drinks, or both! The North Loop has you covered for these. You can visit Freehouse for all sorts of delicious food, or Bev’s Wine Bar if you would like to drink and socialize with others!

A perfect ending to this fantastic day is a trip to Trapped Puzzle Rooms, where you and your buddies can challenge yourselves with a series of themed puzzles! Various themed problems will keep you on your toes while you tackle a series of fun obstacles!

Trapped Puzzle Rooms offers puzzles for all, including ones with more serious topics! Try your hand at “A Room of Fire and Ice,” where you and your fellow knights must protect the kingdom. The war room has many mysteries to unravel.

Another room option is “It’s All Fun and Games.” Featuring a peculiar toy shop that is rumored to be home of criminal activity! You and your team must round up clues and stop the bad guys!

Don’t hesitate to have fun!

The fun comes in many shapes in sizes! Trapped Puzzle Rooms is flexible when it comes to making sure you and your friends have a good time. Mobile experiences are offered at local breweries and restaurants.

On top of this, private events are available. Whether a small group of friends or an event with hundreds of people, the fun can come to you. Choose between puzzle-in-a-box challenges or the Clue Dun’ It murder mystery party.

Tackling these problematic puzzles will be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Also, it is a guaranteed way to create lasting memories with your friends or loved ones!

Furthermore, spending time with others and socializing is known to have many extra benefits. Friendships are proven to boost your happiness, encourage healthy lifestyle habits, and improve your self-confidence. 

As you can see, a trip or call to Trapped Puzzle Rooms is a perfect solution for a day of fun! Whether a small gathering of friends or a large crowd, all of your needs will be covered.

Trapped Puzzle Rooms is the North Loops premiere location for unique and challenging puzzle rooms. The diverse options in themes mean you can be sure that your group will have a great time, no matter what. Contact Trapped Puzzle Rooms for your next day out and be immersed in mystery and wonder of the fun and games!

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