You’re skeptical about playing a puzzle room.

Your friends have mentioned it, your work buds think you should do one for team building, and your fam thinks it would be a fun activity for the family reunion, but you’re just not sure that you want to play a puzzle room. Lots of people have hesitations about puzzle rooms, but we have lots of reasons why they’re great! Here are some common concerns:

You think you won’t be good at it.

Don’t worry! Puzzle rooms are made up of many different puzzles, clues, and hints. There are puzzles and tasks of all kinds you can encounter. Some will be logical, some more abstract. Chances are, you’ll encounter at least one puzzle or clue that fits some of your skills and interests. One of the best things about puzzle rooms is that you and your group will learn that you’re good at things you didn’t even know you were good at. You’ll likely discover hidden talents and knowledge in yourself.

You haven’t done one before.

There’s a first time for everything. Test the waters with a room that sounds fun to you, and don’t put pressure on yourself. Enjoy the decor, have fun with your teammates, and accept hints and clues from your game master. This is the best way to find out if it’s fun for you, and how to approach the next room you play. The worst that can happen is you have an hour learning new things about your friends.

You weren’t good at it the last time you did one.

One of the best things about puzzle rooms is that the more you do them, the better you get. The first one you do will show you how to orient yourself in a room – how to gather props and clues, what to look for, and how to be a good puzzle room teammate. Every room you play will be a little different, so things that you didn’t succeed at in other rooms may not show up this time, and what you learned from the last room may have given you the skill to succeed in the next one!

It sounds hard.

Yeah, it sure can be. But it’s also a lot of fun! You and your teammates will have fun cheering each other on, listening to each other’s ideas, and congratulating each other on your successes. And the harder it is, the better the victory feels. Doing something difficult can feel daunting, but it’s also the best way to grow and learn. If you have questions about the difficulty level of a particular room, ask one of our game masters and we’ll help figure out which room will be most engaging for you.

You don’t want to get locked up in a room.

That’s okay! We won’t lock you up. All our missions at Trapped Puzzle Rooms are more creative than just getting out of the room, so we won’t need to lock you in it. You can leave if you need a bathroom break or just a breather. But you’ll probably be having such a good time you won’t want to leave at all!

Still not sure if you want to play a puzzle room? Give us a call and we’ll chat with you about all our different room options and all the reasons you’ll have a good time. We’d love to see you have fun!

St. Paul: 651-760-3495 & Minneapolis North Loop: 612-208-0128

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