March Madness

Spring Forward and Fulfill Your Puzzle Room Needs

It’s that time again. We’re only weeks away from that all too familiar changing of the clocks. Does it boggle your mind as much as it does mine? Well, then it’s time to beef up those brain cells to get ourselves ready! And what better way to do so than solving a whole room full of puzzles? 

Time to assemble a group of friends to work together to escape a room by solving one puzzle after another. Or maybe you have a significant birthday or anniversary coming up, what better way to celebrate than joining forces to accomplish a mission that takes teamwork and a bit of clever thinking to solve all those puzzles that stand in your way? 

Pi Day is drawing near as well. Are you a numbers person? Or are you just glad to have an excuse to gobble down a few slices of pie? Either way, we have an entertaining way to celebrate with puzzles.

Do you just need to get away from the maddening March Madness and focus on something else for a while? We’ve got you covered – our puzzle rooms are sure to get your brain thinking of something, anything other than all of that competition! 

There are a lot of puzzle rooms to choose from with themes and difficulties that will suit your interests. Whether you’re experienced and are looking for an escape room that really takes your brain muscles or a newcomer that is just looking for something fun and new, the twin cities have a whole host of escape rooms to try.

Do you want to pull one over on your boss, but can’t do so in person? There’s an escape room where you can foil your boss’ big plan! 

Or maybe you want to save your kingdom? Solve the puzzles and hatch the dragon eggs and you can do just that! 

Perhaps you’d rather retrieve the north pole and save winter, well we’ve got the puzzle room for you!

Are you feeling mischievous? Maybe you want to steal from an art gallery, there’s a puzzle room for that! 

Secret agents, witches and wizards, gamers, pirates, investigators, you can be all of these things and more, now all you need to do is find the right escape room for you!

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