Puzzle rooms and escape rooms are quickly becoming the hottest ticket in town. It’s no wonder this interactive entertainment is taking the country by storm. Unlike a good book on your Kindle, your favorite video game, or the latest blockbuster action movie, escape rooms allow you to step away from the screen and into your own, real-life adventure!

Trapped Puzzle Rooms is the Twin Cities’ premier escape room experience. With locations in Uptown Minneapolis, The North Loop, and St. Paul, your next adventure is just around the corner. Contact us at Trapped today try one out today with your family, friends or work group.

Before you attend, you may be wondering, “how do escape rooms work?” We’ve compiled some information and tips so you can be ready for your adventure.

Be the Hero in An Escape Room Adventure


How’s this for a scenario: You and your fellow wizards and witches enter a locked room full of magic and mystery to stop the dark wizard and save the world from impending doom. Or perhaps you’re a high-flying superhero, and your league of extraordinary do-gooders must band together to stop your arch-enemy from conquering humankind.

Have you ever dreamed of being Indiana Jones on a crusade to piece together ancient clues and uncover hidden treasure, or Sherlock Holmes solving the crime-of-the-century? Perhaps you’ve fantasized about being 007 on a mission to save the queen. If this sounds like fun, then Trapped Puzzle Rooms has an escape room adventure waiting for you.

Our escape rooms are designed for participants ages pre-teen and up. We designed each room to test and engage problem-solver and sleuths of all skills and experience levels.

To solve an escape room, it takes a team, with each member bringing their unique viewpoints and strengths to uncover clues, piece together puzzles, discover hidden artifacts, and find keys to solve your room’s mystery and escape before time runs out.

Escape Rooms, Step-By-Step

Puzzle Room

Escape rooms are fun, but they also have a logical pattern. We crafted each room so that you and your team can solve your mystery in a step-by-step fashion. Here’s how our escape rooms work:

You Have A Mission

Each Trapped Puzzle Room not only has a unique theme but it has a specific mission to accomplish. Depending on which escape room your team chooses, you may have to thwart a powerful, evil wizard or save a beautiful princess from a menacing foe. Your mission may be to catch an evil mole in our Spies vs. Spies room or recover priceless stolen art in “The Heist” room. Your goal is to complete your mission to escape before time runs out!

A Set Amount Of Time

Each escape room has a designated time frame for you to meet your mission objectives and escape. This time limit adds to the urgency, drama, and excitement of each of our themed rooms. The challenge of completing your mission under the pressure of a looming deadline usually brings out the best in team members. Pressure creates solutions!

Find Your Clues

Each clue you find, every puzzle you solve, and every hidden artifact you discover will lead you to the next. Follow the trail of clues and unlock your freedom before it’s too late!

Clues may be hidden high or low, and in places that you’d least expect. This is where collaboration among team members becomes imperative. Make the most of each participant’s ideas and approach to problem-solving to complete your mission on time.


You win! You accepted your mission, and each member of your team contributed to piecing together the mystery at hand. You worked together, bringing all of your resources to bear, completed each challenge, and you just made it under the wire! Congratulations, you’ve met the challenge, fulfilled your mission, and escaped the room.

More than just rising to meet the challenge, you and your group have shared an exciting experience and made memories that you can share long after your mission is complete. Now the only question is, what escape room challenge will you dare to take on next?

But I Didn’t Read the Book!

Did you know that you don’t have to read the Harry Potter books to immerse yourself in our “A Very Potter Escape Room?” You don’t have to know James Bond’s signature taglines to beat our “Spies vs. Spies” room, and you don’t have to watch superhero movies or read comic books to enjoy our “A Marvelous Escape Room.”

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a choose-your-own-adventure book or played a game of Dungeons and Dragons to enjoy any of our escape rooms. All you need to bring is your sense of adventure and willingness to collaborate with your team.

We’ve designed each of our escape rooms to work independently of any book, comic, or movie. We provide you with the relevant backstory to each Trapped Puzzle Room, so you never feel lost or out-of-touch while working to solve the mystery at hand. We even have helpful and friendly staff members available to help if you ever feel stumped or confused.

By the way, you’re never really trapped in the room, and you are always free to step out if you need to. We’ve designed your experience to be 100 percent safe.


Trapped Puzzle Rooms provide unique experiences for groups from two people to as many as 16, depending on the location and the escape experience you choose. Trapped Puzzle Rooms is an excellent choice for friends, families, company outings and more! Check out our Mystery Nights, Clue Dun’ It, or The Legend of Lyndale House for more unique escape experiences.

Call us today to reserve a Trapped Puzzle Room for your group and discover for yourself how our immersive escape room experiences work. Our staff at Trapped will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect escape room adventure for you. Let the adventure begin!

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