Escape Rooms for Inter-Generational Fun

When your whole family gets together, you’re always looking for things to do together. When the weather is nice, you can do outdoor activities. For indoor activities, you’ve probably done many of them: bowling, movies, museums, maybe even the trampoline park.

But what if the grandparents are with you for your family outing? Sure, they could sit back and watch others bounce on the trampolines, and what if you want to do something more interactive than watching a movie?

Escape rooms are a fun family activity that has something for all generations. If your kids can read, they can contribute to helping a group solve an escape room.

At Trapped Puzzle Rooms, our escape rooms are themed and designed for family fun for everyone. Try out our superhero, wizard, or spies adventures for a new way to have fun with your family and make memories together.

Escape Rooms: a Great Family Fun Activity

Escape rooms are challenges designed for groups. Your family is a ready-made group, attending and solving together. Escape rooms can be from 2 people to up to 8 participants, and you can buy out the entire room to have it to yourselves, or you can allow other people to join in and complete the group. Most families like to work on an escape room alone, with only the family members taking part.

If you have a huge family that cannot fit in a single escape room, you can divide into two groups and try different escape room adventures at the same time.

Kid-Friendly Escape Rooms

Kid Friendly Puzzle rooms

Some escape rooms are specifically designed as family activities. Our Trapped Puzzle Room St. Paul location has a new room, Video Game Mayhem, that you can play on two levels: kid and adult. The room theming and core sequence stays the same, but the puzzles change to be either more kid-friendly or more challenging.

Video Game Mayhem is especially great for families because the adults can let the kids’ knowledge about memes and video games shine through as they take the lead.

Levels of Participation in Family Fun Escape Rooms

Good escape rooms are designed with different kinds of puzzles in play so that the diverse talents of group members can have their moment on stage. If Grandma is good at word puzzles, and mom is good at logic puzzles, perhaps Dad knows his popular culture, and Grandpa knows how to read a wiring diagram. Kids are often good at understanding riddles, and everyone can be good at finding clues and opening locks and searching the contents.

Escape rooms typically last one hour, though some last 30, 45, or 90 minutes. During that time, there will be periods of intense activity where everyone is busy and lulls where you are waiting on a breakthrough.

Sometimes, a family member who was quiet or less involved at the beginning will be just the person to notice something no one else has, or say something insightful that moves the puzzle-solving to over the stumped moment. In the end, every family member has made their contribution, and others can celebrate with them.

Working Together as a Team

Family teamwork

Escape rooms are a fun family activity because they require everyone to work together as a team. You need to put your heads together and pool the knowledge that you possess to locate the clues, solve the puzzles, and figure out how to put the pieces together. Does Grandpa have a comprehensive understanding of history? His deep knowledge might include just the connection to make a puzzle make sense.

Some puzzles quite literally require more than one person to complete. Whether it’s a two-person physical puzzle, or one person reading off digits on an object so someone else can try entering them into a lock, escape rooms are collaborative experiences that get your family working as a unit focused on your goal of escaping.  

Making Family Memories

The point of spending time together as a family is to enjoy each other’s company and make memories together. It’s much more memorable to get your adrenaline going trying to discover the mole in a spy-themed room tan hit is to watch another movie together.

Escape rooms are active, and working and creating together means everyone is invested in success. As you create and solve together, you build memories.

Years from now, you’ll be recalling how Dad had the big breakthrough and figured out the final puzzle just in time, or how your sibling was a hero for locating the last piece. In the end, you’ll get a group photo showing your (hopeful!) success and your time to beat.

A Fun Family Activity No Matter the Weather

Escape rooms are something you can plan to do that isn’t dependent on good weather. If it’s humid and hot outside, playing in a Trapped puzzle room will help you escape the heath. Raining? It’s dry and pleasant in our escape rooms. Snowing or Minnesota cold? Escape winter by firing up your adrenaline as you work to beat the clock.

Easy to Schedule Family Fun Escape Rooms

Quick Escape Room Scheduling

Escape rooms are not a huge commitment of time, usually lasting for about an hour. It’s easy to get the family together for an escape room, and dinner, or to have everyone meet up at an escape room for an hour of fun and family bonding.

You don’t have to lose half a day to have a memorable experience. Plus, you can reserve your room online ahead of time, so you’ll know exactly when your adventure begins.

You can book the same day if there is still availability, or you can schedule ahead of time if you’re seeking to align busy schedules and make concrete plans.

Try Trapped Puzzle Rooms

Trapped Puzzle Rooms has two locations in the Twin Cities to provide your family with a fun, memorable escape room experience. At our location in Minneapolis’s North Loop, you and your family can choose among four escape rooms. Our St. Paul location has another four escape rooms to pique your interest. Book online from your phone or computer 24 hours a day, or give us a call at (651) 760-3495 to reserve a spot for your next family outing.


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