Escape Rooms Are Perfect Family Fun

So what exactly is an “Escape Room” and why is it quickly becoming the hot new choice for family fun? Here at Trapped Puzzles Rooms, we take the popular and immersive escape game experience to the next level for families, friends, and workgroups throughout the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas.

Our staff are dedicated to making your escape room experience a family-friendly, fully immersive, and ultimate group game-playing experience. Here’s how we make your trip fulfilling for the whole family.

It’s Simple But Not Easy

Escape into another world where you can put your sleuthing savvy, problem-solving skills, and teamwork to the test. Enter one of our Puzzle Rooms and live the adventure of your choice. Is anyone in the family a “Potter enthusiast?” Try out our Very Potter Room!

If international intrigue is your thing, you can be like James Bond in our Spies Vs. Spies room.

Each uniquely themed Puzzle Room takes you into a world of mystery, challenge, and fun as your group works together to collect clues, solve ciphers or codes, and piece together puzzles all under the pressure of a time limit.


All Of The Fun, None Of The Danger

Honestly, family fun is what we’re all about at Trapped Puzzle Rooms. Whether you’re looking to entertain during the family reunion or want to continue to bond after that holiday meal, our Puzzle Rooms offer your group the opportunity to work together towards one common goal in a fun fantasy environment.

Never really trapped in your Puzzle Room, your real objective is to collect clues, solve puzzles, figure out the mystery and escape from your room within the time limit.

Our friendly staff is always available to answer questions and to assist and guide you through your groups’ adventure.

Trapped Puzzle Rooms is your premiere puzzle room group in adventure choice in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. Choose from any of our exciting and intriguing Puzzle Room adventures.


  • Be a hero in our Marvelous escape room.
  • Enjoy international fascinations like the cleverest of spies in our Spies Vs. Spies room.
  • Explore dungeons and slay dragons in our Ice and Fire room.
  • Think like a master thief in our The Heist room.
  • Foil the crime of the century as a detective in our It’s All Fun And Games room.
  • Make magic in our A Very Potter escape room.
  • Take on the ultimate challenge in our The Legend of Lyndale House.

Not Your Ordinary Family Night

Trapped Puzzle Rooms provides a unique and wonderful opportunity for family members to connect, bond with one another, and develop cooperative and teamwork skills in a safe, fun, and uniquely adventurous atmosphere.

Don’t just sit and watch another movie, jump in and be part of the action! There’s something for each family member to enjoy and contribute to in our Puzzle Rooms from discovering clues with keen observation skills to figuring out brain-teasing puzzles through communication and teamwork.

Working together, playing together and enjoying the adventure as a family, well, that’s what Trapped Puzzle Rooms are all about.

Here’s what one of our guests had to say on our Facebook page:

“Terrific fun for my daughter’s 11th birthday party. They tackled the Harry Potter room and I geeked out as much as they did! So well done and professional. Will recommend to all of my friends.” -MM

Trapped Puzzle Rooms is a superb family fun opportunity during a vacation, during a gathering of old friends, for celebrating birthdays or anytime you want an excuse to celebrate family.

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Out From In Front Of The Screen And Off Of The Couch

What’s better than family movie night? Living the adventure in real life, of course! Trapped Puzzle Rooms meticulously crafts fun and engaging experiences for the entire family.

Whether you’re in Minneapolis, St Paul, or the North Loop neighborhood, we have a convenient and affordable adventure destination for you and your family to experience and enjoy together. We’re ready when you are!

The Family That Plays Together

Choose your favorite Puzzle Room adventure and let the fun begin. With a time limit ticking down, work together to find clues, decipher codes and piece together puzzles to solve your room’s mystery and make it out together under the buzzer.

It can be a true joy to watch your kids working together for a common cause and bringing their unique gifts to the surface to solve problems together in real time. Each member of the family can find their individual strengths, abilities, and discussion skills to contribute in your favorite Trapped Puzzle Room.

Trapped Puzzle Rooms is a fun and exciting opportunity to create memories together as a family and will surely give you stories to take with you to relive over and over.


Fun For Kids

Not all puzzle rooms are created equal, and here at Trapped Puzzle Rooms, we’ve designed some of our rooms specifically with the kids in mind. Get caught up in the magic and whimsy of our Very Potter Escape Room, where the entire family can immerse themselves in the fantasy of this famous school for wizards.

Designed with puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty and challenge there’s sure to be plenty to keep kids of every age engaged and challenged in these hallowed halls.

The kids also love Trapped’s Ice and Fire room where they can work together to save the kingdom in this magically medieval world full of dragons and dungeons. Most popular amongst the young ones?

Our ever-popular Marvelous Escape Room where they can thwart evil villains as their favorite superhero and band together to save the world one puzzle and one challenge at a time.

Entertaining Clients And Team Building Opportunities

Trapped Puzzle Rooms provide the perfect opportunity for team building and bonding with rooms like Spies v. Spies and The Heist.

Or put your sleuthing caps on and work together as a team of detectives to find clues, build evidence and stop the bad guys before it’s too late!

For larger groups of up to 16 participants, we offer a 90-minute supernatural escape experience in our The Legend of Lyndale House. More than the ordinary escape room, The Legend of Lyndale house is the Midwest’s first full house immersive puzzle room experience! Teams work together to unravel the spooky, supernatural mystery of Lyndale House.

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Visit us today online at Trapped Puzzle Rooms and book the perfect escape room experience for your family or group. Our friendly and helpful staff is here to assist you in creating fun, new, and memorable experiences today!

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