Escape Rooms and Their Appeal in America

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In recent years, the craze of escape rooms has exploded! American escape rooms are becoming a favorite pastime for people of all ages. Everyone loves the idea of solving a puzzle with a deadline, and they’re taking to escape rooms to scratch that itch. These fun experiences allow you and a group of friends to work together and to exercise your deductive sleuthing skills and your competitive instincts.

Did you ever play James Bond as a kid? How about cops and robbers? Many childhood games and activities focus on solving mysteries and winning the day. Even something as simple as hide-and-seek involves solving a puzzle and the goal of finding everyone to win.

If you are interested in trying escape-the-room games, Trapped Puzzle Rooms has a variety of rooms to pique your interest. Whether you are in the mood for dragons, superheroes, spies, toys, or a heist, Trapped Puzzle Rooms has an adventure for you.

What is an Escape Room?

In escape rooms, a group of players attempts to solve a mystery using clues, puzzles, and riddles. To address these puzzles, participants must locate, analyze, and use hints that they find throughout the room.

While this might sound straightforward, similar to a video game, room escape games are much more. Escape rooms are physical adventures that place the participants in the game. Escape rooms often feel like an alternate reality. They are also timed — usually for one hour. You and your group must work together before time runs out.

These games are set in a variety of locations with a multitude of themes. There are escape rooms to match every style and preference. If you prefer zombies, there is a puzzle room for you. If you like sports, toys, warriors, or make-believe kingdoms, you will find an escape room to immerse you into this enticing reality.

When you are searching for clues and hints in the room, look for hidden objects, or things you can use that are in plain sight. Clues might be within an image or picture, or they may be revealed once an object is assembled. You may need to use your skills in mathematics, such as algebra, geometry, identifying patterns, decoding ciphers, and understanding symbols.

To be successful, players must think outside the box. Not only do they have to be observant and find the clues, but they also have to figure out the best way to combine these clues and the right way to interpret them. An escape room solution is more than merely finding the hints. You have to take it another step further to use the clues together to find a solution.

Why are American Escape Rooms so Popular?



When you participate in an escape room, you are part of a team. Bring your own team with a group of friends, or you may become a part of a new and unknown team with others. When you attempt an escape room, you must rely on the people around you. You will also get a sense of accomplishment when people count on you to do your part.

Love of Games

People love to play games, especially Americans, it seems. It’s even more exciting if they win that game. Winning a game gives an accomplished feeling and triggers that dopamine release that is a reward for your entire body.

This love of games is evident in human history. Look at the Olympic games, for example. While beating an American escape room isn’t entirely on par with winning a gold medal, it is exciting nonetheless. Beyond the Olympics, how many Americans tune into college and professional sporting events each week? Or how many kids are involved in little league from a young age? The obsession with games and winning is nothing new.


Humans are also curious by nature. The sheer number of crime and mystery TV shows and movies is evidence of this fact. Try turning on the television and not seeing a police procedural, a courtroom drama, or a detective story.

People have a sincere desire to figure out problems and find the solution. Similar to winning, humans feel good after solving the mystery. After solving their first room escape game, many people come back for more.

Why Should You Try an Escape Room?



If your daily life is busy, and you struggle to find a time to get away from the daily grind, an American escape room is just what you need. At an escape room, you escape more than the puzzle room. You also get a brief escape from work, school, childcare, or whatever else usually fills your days.

When you participate in escape room games, you get to be someone, or something, else for a while. You get the chance to be in a completely immersive game, and you might feel like you’re in a new reality. Each game is themed, so you can choose what interests your group most.

Why Trapped Puzzle Rooms?

If you are in the Twin Cities area, Trapped Puzzle Rooms is your go-to for escape room games. With three convenient locations—two in Minneapolis at Uptown and North Loop, and one in St. Paul—you won’t have to drive far for an exciting and adventurous escape room.

Trapped Puzzle Rooms focuses on team building and having fun. To be successful, you need ingenuity, a sharp eye, and teamwork. With a variety of rooms and themes, you are sure to find something that interests you.

Typically, eight people participate in the puzzle rooms at Trapped. If you have fewer than eight people, you might be paired with another group. However, the more people who participate, the better your chances are at solving the challenging puzzles and beating the timer.

Puzzles generally last about an hour, though we do have one room that last ninety minutes. If you don’t solve the mystery in time, our game masters will let you out at the end of the time limit. They will even show you what you needed to solve the room. Hopefully, you will come back, try another room, and succeed!

Trapped Puzzle Rooms wants to be your go-to for fun, interactive, and immersive room escape games. Whether you are trying escape rooms for the first time or are a seasoned pro, you will always find something exciting, and a way to escape your daily life.

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