Challenge your colleagues to an Escape Experience

Escape rooms can be great team-building experiences. Are you ready to challenge your colleagues?

Trapped Puzzle Rooms has several rooms that are perfect for workgroups. Although they have multiple rooms across the Twin Cities, they also have an option where they will come to you and set up an escape room experience in your office.

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You probably already know that escape room challenges are fun. But did you know that they are great at helping your employees improve their relationships, performance, and synergy? Read on to find out more.

Escape Rooms Encourage Healthy Competition

Cut-throat competition can be toxic, but healthy competition is often a powerful incentive in the workplace. Studies have shown that healthy competition fuels creativity and improves both the quality and efficiency of the work produced.

But what makes competition healthy?

The key is for your team to cooperatively compete. Rather than competing against each other for limited resources, cooperative competition gives the team a shared goal. The group must work together to compete against a third-party.

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Escape rooms foster this kind of healthy competition by giving all participants the same goal: to solve the puzzles in the room before the time runs out. The group is competing against the clock, and they all want the same result: to escape the room within the time limit. In the puzzle rooms, teams of colleagues practice working together with a shared purpose and goal, and they feel good about themselves and each other when they succeed.

Escape Rooms Can Hone Work Skills that Improve Performance

To succeed in an escape room challenge, you need to be proficient at specific skills, such as discovering and deciphering information, recognizing patterns, and putting pieces together to solve a problem. Besides, you don’t succeed in escape rooms alone. You must rely on the skills of your colleagues to achieve your goal.

Since there are a variety of puzzles in an escape room, the different solutions require varying skills. One person on your team may be excellent at spotting clues or noticing small differences in items. Another may be noticing the details that look important. Perhaps one is good at number puzzles, while a different person excels at ciphers. Someone else may be spatially oriented and good at solving physical puzzles or putting things together.


Escape Rooms Help Employees Appreciate Each Others’ Skills

Someone on your team may have just the right experience or knowledge to clinch the solution. As a team working together to escape the room, you’ll appreciate the differences among you, and value each member for what they contribute toward the goal. That kind of interpersonal connection, empathy, and appreciation builds stronger teams and transfers back to the workplace.

The core of an escape room experience is problem-solving, which is one of the top skills employers value and want to foster among their employees. Problems, from the minor to the major, come up in daily work, and employees have to use the information and skills at hand to develop a solution. Escape rooms help practice problem-solving to flex agile brains. Even better, they provide an immediate reward. When you solve the problems, you win!

The Benefit Is in the Details

Attentiveness to details is another vital workplace skill that puzzle rooms can foster. Mistakes on the job often happen when someone overlooks a piece of information or misses a detail. Escape rooms force you to pay attention to even mundane articles and consider whether they might prove useful or valuable.

It’s common for groups in escape rooms to scrutinize items to be sure they’re not missing anything. They also tend to consider information from many angles to see if the data can be interpreted in another way. These skills improve with practice, and escape rooms provide an opportunity to rehearse being detail-oriented.


Escape Room Challenges Are Fun and Build Camaraderie

We haven’t talked about one of the most important aspects of escape rooms. They are fun! When colleagues have fun together, it builds camaraderie that transfers to the workplace.

When things get stressful at the office, colleagues who have been through a team-building experience remember their positive feelings toward each other.

The benefits of fun aren’t just anecdotal. Escape room challenges create positive feelings of inclusion, appreciation, confidence, and happiness by releasing endorphins, the chemicals in the brain that make us feel good.

Challenge your Colleagues to an Escape Room

Trapped Puzzle Rooms has several escape room experiences that are perfect for teams of employees.


In Spies vs. Spies at our St. Paul location, two teams race against each other in identical puzzle rooms. These rooms are designed to provide a healthy competitive experience with puzzles for beginners and experienced solvers.

As is typical in most escape rooms, you can get a hint. But in this case, the other team will also get the tip! Spies vs. Spies can accommodate groups of 2-6 for one room and 4-12 for both. For a fun corporate outing, book both rooms and challenge each other to see who finishes first and discovers the mole.

Our Mystery Nights that take place at local pubs and breweries are also perfect for corporate outings. Getting together with your colleagues in a non-work environment helps build bonds that carry over to the workplace. And having a local brew while you’re solving clues together is pretty cool, too.

For our Mystery Night experiences, just sign up and recruit a team. We bring the escape-room-in-a-box to the pub or brewery, and you and your team begin. Multiple groups can compete against each other while enjoying food and beverages. It’s a great way to build camaraderie, blow off steam, and succeed together in solving the mystery.

Book Your Escape Room Challenge Today

For a fun and unique activity that improves communication, cooperation, problem-solving, and teamwork among colleagues contact Trapped Puzzle Rooms to schedule one of our experiences.

We can even bring the escape room to you with our CLUE Dun’ It mystery homage to the classic board game and movie. One of our friendly associates will help you decide which experience is best for your unique group. We bet you’ll want to come back again and again to try them all.

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