Celebrate the Mayhem! (Video Game Mayhem, that is)

Kids’ birthday parties have been flooding the escape room industry for a while now. Since kids come with lots of energy and copious amounts of imagination, parents look for a fun and engaging experience to help them celebrate. Escape rooms are an excellent way to direct that energy and to spark that imagination in a productive way. It’s also a great way to ensure the day is memorable and exciting.

We have loads of families come in to play our puzzle rooms on days off from school or during the weekend to try something “different”. School groups are finding that puzzle rooms can be a great opportunity to exercise creative thinking, practice communication, and highlight the importance of teamwork. We’ve had fun seeing scouts, sports teams, and family reunions play rooms together as a way for the kiddos to bond and have fun!

We love that young people feel welcome and excited about our rooms, and we wanted to commit to that idea. When we set out to build “Video Game Mayhem” we designed a space where kids could figure out puzzles on their own and take charge of the challenges. Inspired by the arcade games we loved as kids, our design and build crew put together a space full of interactive experiences, where younger players could be tested while still being kids.

There are challenges to making a room that can be accessible to both kids and adults. There’s an extremely wide range in puzzle solving strengths, so we like to keep that in mind when we design our rooms. In “Video Game Mayhem” we took extra care to build puzzles that everyone is able to contribute to, even when the logical leaps involved are tricky! There are plenty of engaging activities, props, and an upbeat & colorful atmosphere that can capture and hold the interest of children of all ages.

Of course, adults love video games just as much as kids do. So we have two options for the difficulty level; kids and grown-ups. What’s the difference? Well, you’ll have to come in and see! Step into the arcade and put your skills to the test.

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