Add A Little Mystery To Your Ice Breaker Games

More often than ever, smart companies are embracing ice breaker games to help foster better communication and teamwork among their employees. A popular new trend is using escape rooms and mystery games as company ice breakers. Read on to learn more about some local options for ice-breaker games that your crew can attend. We can […]

A New Twist On an Old Game – Clue Comes to You!

Do you remember Clue, the classic murder mystery board game, or the hilarious movie starring Tim Curry? Generations of puzzle solvers have loved playing Clue with their friends and families. Now there is a new way to enjoy Clue, thanks to a new puzzle escape room by Trapped Puzzle Rooms. This interactive escape-the-room experience is […]

7 Best Escape Rooms in the Twin Cities

Just like movies and other forms of entertainment, the quality of escape rooms can vary. The best escape rooms provide challenging (but solvable) entertainment, engaging, and delights you and your friends as you figure out how to solve your mystery or plot your escape. The best escape rooms in the Twin Cities offer compelling stories, […]