One Loopy Day! Fun and Games in the North Loop

The beautiful summer weather is here! Now is a perfect time for you to check out the North Loop. The esteemed North Loop of Minneapolis is filled to the brim with restaurants and attractions just waiting to be explored.  Gathering some friends for a day of fun and games will ensure a memorable time for […]

Great Puzzle Room Games–From Simple to Extravagant

Puzzle rooms are a big trend in the gaming and entertainment world right now. These venues are a unique and intriguing way to spend an evening out with friends. A night of teamwork and brain challenge beats an evening of binge-watching TV hands down.  More and more, puzzle rooms can replace more traditional work outings […]

Taking Puzzle Rooms “On the Road”: The Allure of Traveling Puzzle Rooms

You and your friends enjoy escape rooms. Maybe you’re even a bit addicted. Perhaps you’ve bested all the escape rooms in the area, and you’re left wondering, “now what?” Or you’re an event planner looking for something different to make your event stand out. An escape room trailer or installation at your party, celebration, reunion, […]

4 Types of People Who’d Love Mystery Night

Puzzles have exploded in culture today – everyone is playing Sudoku, doing the daily crossword puzzle, or playing escape room games. With this new interest in puzzles, Trapped Puzzle Rooms is creating a new set of games that we’re bringing to breweries and restaurants all around Minneapolis and St. Paul. Below are four types of […]

Traveling Puzzle Rooms: Amazing Escape Rooms at Your Door

  If you’ve tried an escape room or two, you know the fun and the excitement of the puzzle-solving under pressure. You also know that your success in figuring out all the clues and getting out the door in time depends on how strong your team is. The better your team communicates and collaborates, and […]