Not Sure Puzzle Rooms Are For You?

You’re skeptical about playing a puzzle room. Your friends have mentioned it, your work buds think you should do one for team building, and your fam thinks it would be a fun activity for the family reunion, but you’re just not sure that you want to play a puzzle room. Lots of people have hesitations […]

Escape Rooms as a Marketing Tool? Yes, You Can!

When you go to an escape room, you immerse yourself in the fictional situation you have been asked to solve. You marshal your brainpower to discover clues, put puzzles together, decode ciphers, unlock locks, and beat the timer. If you are the owner of a business or brand, you may see the potential for these […]

9 Things to Expect for the Puzzle Room Newbie

Are you excited or nervous about your first puzzle room? Don’t worry—that’s a typical reaction. We’re happy to demystify the process for you to give you a feeling about what to expect at Trapped Puzzle Rooms. Puzzle rooms are excellent ways to explore group dynamics, whether in a corporate, personal, or family setting. Setting out […]