7 Best Escape Rooms in the Twin Cities

Just like movies and other forms of entertainment, the quality of escape rooms can vary. The best escape rooms provide challenging (but solvable) entertainment, engaging, and delights you and your friends as you figure out how to solve your mystery or plot your escape. The best escape rooms in the Twin Cities offer compelling stories, […]

Escape Rooms Are Perfect Family Fun

So what exactly is an “Escape Room” and why is it quickly becoming the hot new choice for family fun? Here at Trapped Puzzles Rooms, we take the popular and immersive escape game experience to the next level for families, friends, and workgroups throughout the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas. Our staff are dedicated to […]

Puzzle Room Tips: 11 Ways to Plan for Your Next Escape Adventure

Are you ready for your first escape room excursion, but not quite sure what to except? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Here are 11 helpful escape room tips to get you ready to puzzle: 1 – Plan, Book, and Keep Organized First things first, you’ve gotta get your group together. Reach out to those […]

5 Reasons to Book an Escape Room for Your Office Holiday Party

It’s already time to think about your Office Holiday Party. Every year someone mentions that maybe this year we should do something besides the traditional cocktail hour/dinner, but it hasn’t happened yet. This is the breakout year! Why not bring your group to Trapped Puzzle Rooms for your office holiday party? You want to prepare […]

9 Things to Expect for the Puzzle Room Newbie

Are you excited or nervous about your first puzzle room? Don’t worry—that’s a typical reaction. We’re happy to demystify the process for you to give you a feeling about what to expect at Trapped Puzzle Rooms. Puzzle rooms are excellent ways to explore group dynamics, whether in a corporate, personal, or family setting. Setting out […]