Are you Looking For Fun Things To Do In Minneapolis? Try A Puzzle Room

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Minneapolis, then The North Loop is your neighborhood! Tucked between Minneapolis’ bustling downtown business district and the mighty Mississippi River, the North Loop area is alive with repurposed old-world factory and warehouse buildings and modern-day boutique retailers and restaurants.

The North loop is full of fun options for the modern-day adventurer. From family-friendly parks, concert venues, and museums, to shopping and ice cream parlors. Coffee houses and craft brew pubs; there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Speaking of fun things to do in Minneapolis, why not try something new and adventurous? The North Loop also has a Trapped Puzzle Rooms location, with four exciting and immersive experiences you can try. Reserve a spot by contacting us, and soon you’ll be on your way to adventure.

What’s A Puzzle Room?

Puzzle Rooms, also known as escape rooms, are the next step in the evolution of modern day fantasy adventure. Get out from behind the video game screen, bring your choose-your-own-adventure book to life, and jump into your own real-life action-adventure or mystery movie!

Of all the fun things that you can do in Minneapolis, puzzle rooms are one of the best ways to enter a world of wonder, challenge and mystery and share the adventure with family and friends!

By the way, puzzle rooms are an excellent choice for company team-building outings in the city. An escape room is also a great way to meet new people and make friends. Working together in a group with a common goal is a wonderful way to strengthen bonds and create memories, whether it’s with family, friends, or new people you just met.

You’ll collaborate on a mission to search for clues, piece together puzzles, decipher codes, and put your problem-solving skills to the test to solve the mystery and “escape” your puzzle room before time runs out!

How Do Puzzle Rooms Work?

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It’s no mystery that puzzle room experiences provide challenges and loads of fun. But how does this whole puzzle room thing work? While escape rooms aren’t easy, the concept is simple.

There are three main parts to your Trapped Puzzle Rooms Experience:

You have a mission

You might use your magic powers to stop an evil wizard from unleashing dark forces upon the world, and you must defeat his minion one clue after another before it’s too late. You are sent on a quest to bring back your deposed Queen before the realm of the North overtakes the entire kingdom. You might have to put on your detective hat and piece together clues to unravel the crime of the century before the villain escapes with untold treasure. You and your team of adventurers must work together to fulfill your given mission before time runs out!

You have a set amount of time

You and your team of collaborators must work together to solve puzzles, piece-together brain teasers, uncover hidden clues, and gather all of the needed evidence, step-by-step, in a set amount of time, to successfully escape your puzzle room. Your escape room experience can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the location and room you choose. This added pressure of conquering your puzzle room with a looming time limit adds to the tension and excitement of the experience and often brings out the best in participants.

You have to find clues

Search high and low, get creative, work together, and think outside-the-box to find objects, solve puzzles, and figure out the mystery of your room. One clue will lead you and your team to the next piece of evidence until you find the hidden key that will allow you to “escape” your room before it’s too late!

Fun For Families

At Trapped Puzzle Rooms, our escape room experiences are designed with each family member in mind. Each room contains puzzles of all difficulty levels, and clues that require different viewpoints to locate and solve. The collaboration needed to escape your puzzle room before time runs out is one of the dynamics that fosters teamwork, excellent communication skills, and family bonding. So bring the kids, include your teenagers, and don’t leave the in-laws behind. The Trapped Puzzle Room experience is fun for the entire family!

Trapped Puzzle Rooms in the North Loop

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We have four exciting puzzle rooms located in the North loop to engage and challenge you and your group, including our latest experience, “Diagonal Alley”!

A Room of Ice and Fire

You don’t have to play Dungeons and Dragons to get lost in the magical realm of “A Room of Fire and Ice.” This immersive experience takes you to a land of knights and dragons to bring your Queen back from exile before the realm is lost to the North forever!

It’s All Fun and Games

The “It’s All Fun and Games” escape room takes your group of sleuths into the underworld of super-criminals bent on escaping with untold riches. You must work as a unit to piece together the clues and thwart this crime as the clock ticks down to your arch-enemy’s ultimate escape.

A Marvelous Escape Room

Jump into your favorite comic book and join forces with your favorite heroes to stop the next super-villain from undermining justice and taking over the world. This experience is great for the brave adventurers of all ages!

Diagonal Alley

Our newest immersive experience takes you into the magical realm of witches, wizards, and warlocks. Bring your powers together to stop your enemy from using his magic to bring darkness upon the land before it’s too late.

If you’re seeking a way to escape from the ordinary, and you’re ready for a new adventure, we invite you to visit us in he North Loop today. You can also visit us online or give us a call today. We’ll gladly answer any puzzle room questions you have and help you choose an experience and time that fits your schedule. Our phone number in the North Loop is (612) 208-0128.

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