A Puzzle Proposal 

As puzzle rooms become increasingly popular in the United States (and around the globe), more and more people decide to propose in a room! With different settings and atmospheres, puzzle rooms can be a romantic and unique place to ask your significant other the most significant question. And with friendly gamemasters to help you, coordinating the proposal can be simple. 

When to Propose in a Puzzle Room:

Deciding to propose in a puzzle room is an exciting adventure. With a variety of themes and decor, a puzzle room can provide an experience unlike any other. After solving puzzles, decoding code, and unlocking all the locks in the escape room, your sense of teamwork will be heightened. A perfect time to ask your person to be your team member for life! 

How to Propose in a Puzzle Room:

  1. Decide if that’s what your person would like. Is playing rooms one of your hobbies? Do you find yourself working well together when you tackle a room? If you tend to play a lot of puzzle rooms together, proposing in a room might just be the sweet romantic gesture you’re looking for.
  2. Okay, so you know you want to propose in an escape room. Check out the themes around town to see what might be the best fit for you and your person. Do they love magic? Or are they all about arcades and videogames? Do they enjoy warm and romantic settings, or are they the kind of person who loves anything spooky? 

3. Take location into consideration. Is there a restaurant or bar that you’ll want to celebrate at once you’ve escaped? Whether it’s Minneapolis or St. Paul, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

4. Call or email the puzzle room you’re interested in and let them know what you’re thinking. Do you know, moment-by-moment, what you want to have happen, or are you looking for their input as you plan the specifics? Will there be a ring, and do you want a ring reveal in the room? Do you want to be alone or with a group? Give them as much detail as you want and hatch a plan. Often times, gamemasters have helped a proposal happen, and can offer different options about how the proposal can play out. Since you don’t know the ending of the puzzle experience, ask for a specific cue so you can know when the room is almost over.

5. Tour the escape room. Even though you don’t want all the surprises and reveals in the escape room ruined for you, walking through the space will give you a sense of your proposal options. Is it a romantic space that’s small enough for the two of you? Do you want to be in a bigger space so your friends can all gather around? Feel free to ask questions – the gamemaster helping you will want your special moment to be perfect.  Figure out how you’re going to get the ring into the experience. Will you drop it off ahead of time, or will you show up with it and hand it off while your significant other isn’t looking.

6. Once you’ve picked the escape room you want to propose in, find the date and time you want and book it! Make sure that you communicate the time and place to any friends that you want to play with you, or to meet you in the lobby after to celebrate.

7. Arrive early and get ready to play. Feeling nervous about succeeding in the room? Don’t be. The gamemaster helping you out will have your back, and can provide hints if you need them. With your puzzling skills, and maybe a little extra help, complete the room’s mission and get to the final moment of the room. Now it’s time to pop the question!

8.Celebrate! Make sure you get a picture taken (or two) so you can commemorate your special day.

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