5 Reasons to Book an Escape Room for Your Office Holiday Party

It’s already time to think about your Office Holiday Party. Every year someone mentions that maybe this year we should do something besides the traditional cocktail hour/dinner, but it hasn’t happened yet. This is the breakout year! Why not bring your group to Trapped Puzzle Rooms for your office holiday party?

You want to prepare your employees for an exciting new year—and retain them. Most importantly, they work hard. They deserve a reward. What better than a fun activity that combines fun with usable job skills?

Everyone can learn a little more about themselves in an escape room. Often, groups will find they have a hidden talent among them: a quiet champion who is skilled at solving puzzles or finding clues. This is just the beginning of why an escape room is ideal for your office holiday party.


Do Something Different: Not Your Typical Office Holiday Party

You want to be daring and different, right? How many people really enjoy or remember the formal-wear, stand-around-and-drink, fancy holiday office party? You have a chance to do something different — and memorable — that people will be talking about well into the new year.

What makes an escape room different? It’s an adventure. We take care of the planning and entertainment: select your theme, show up, and we will handle the rest.

Our Uptown, North Loop, and St. Paul puzzle rooms offer experiences unlike any other in the area. When your employees talk to their friends and family members, comparing office holiday party experiences, they’ll have something to brag about.

Aside from being fun, escape rooms use and develop many skills you want to encourage in your team. It’s a win.

Escape Rooms are Ideal for Team Bonding Exercises

Ideally, teams and individual team members in the office work well together. In reality, communication breakdowns happen, and personalities clash.

In escape rooms, teams need to work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and escape. You can use this to build a sense of cooperation in existing groups, or mix it up, putting members from different teams into different escape room teams so they can discover new strengths.

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Escape Rooms Provide Themed Entertainment Fun

Everyone has imagined being a character in their favorite type of movie. Right now, dramatic, Game of Thrones-style fantasy is really popular. The wizarding world of Harry Potter is a timeless classic. And who wouldn’t want to encounter Thor or Iron Man on their adventures, especially if it involves saving the world?

Escape rooms do just that, immersively allowing participants to become part of this adventure and world.

Would you like to ramp up the hype for the office holiday party? Run an office-wide poll to vote on the escape room theme (given our compatible schedules). Everyone will want to choose their favorite when it’s superheroes, spies, or wizards.

Plus, if you have some gamers or puzzle geeks in the office, chances are they enjoy escape rooms anyway. They’ll love the chance to support their coworkers at this unique office holiday party adventure.

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We have several escape room options, including:

Ice and Fire: The queen is in exile and an unnatural threat descends upon the Kingdom. It’s up to you and your small team of knights to unleash the power of dragons and drive them away! Are you up to the task?”

Spies vs. Spies: A uniquely competitive experience, this escape room is about two teams of competing spies-in-training. This accommodates two teams of up to 6 players each, running in two rooms simultaneously.

A Very Potter Escape Room: Don’t you hate it when a dark wizard takes over the school? It’s up to your group to rescue and save the special Elder Wand before the new regime can take over.

A Marvelous Escape Room: You have got to stop this new supervillain and his Doomsday machine before the weather is messed up permanently. This escape room is ideal for eight people and is fully accessible.

Legend of Lyndale: Got a bigger group? Forget escape rooms: try an escape house. This one’s a 90-minute experience with multiple layers of creepy puzzles.


Escape Rooms Emphasize Communication

Even the best work teams have breakdowns in communication sometimes. Whether it’s one person misinterpreting another, work instructions not being clear, or differing management styles, team communication problems are among the biggest stressors of working in an office environment.

Escape rooms allow you to change the environment and the goal, providing new circumstances for improvement in communication. Plus, you don’t necessarily need to have your manager in charge of a scenario. We find that this allows coworkers to work on their communication and that the short-term goal of escape rooms also provides more focus in this task.

Escape Rooms Can Accommodate Various Party Sizes

Got a small group? We have an escape room for that. Have a larger crew? No problem—No problem–one of our locations features three floors, and you can book all of our rooms at the same time to accommodate even more people

No matter what your party size, we can help you out at Trapped Puzzle Rooms. Additionally, we can create bespoke solutions for you, or even bring a mystery to your location. We’re here to work with your needs and goals, making your holiday office party as memorable as possible.

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