4 Types of People Who’d Love Mystery Night

Puzzles have exploded in culture today – everyone is playing Sudoku, doing the daily crossword puzzle, or playing escape room games. With this new interest in puzzles, Trapped Puzzle Rooms is creating a new set of games that we’re bringing to breweries and restaurants all around Minneapolis and St. Paul. Below are four types of people who would really love Mystery Night.

  1. People who want to try out this escape room thing, but find it to be too much pressure.

Want to have a great time with friends exploring a vast adventure, but hate the time pressure of escape rooms? Mystery Nights are perfect for you! There isn’t a clock, and you’re not racing against anyone. You can explore the experience at your own pace, solving puzzles together with your friends. Enjoy an evening socializing and grabbing a drink, and let our talented game masters guide you through a series of fun, engaging puzzles. Don’t worry, Mystery Night isn’t acompetition – it’s just puzzling fun!

  1. People who want to do something fun with their friends and family.

Looking to hang out with a group of friends, but not sure what you want to do? Have family in town and aren’t sure what you can do for fun? Spice up your evening with Mystery Night! Our games are made for all ages and skill levels. Have a fun evening at one of the best breweries or restaurants in town, all while socializing with friends. Work together to solve one of our mysteries – our staff will make sure you’re having a great time from beginning to end.

  1. People who love puzzles, and can’t get enough.

Have you played every escape room in town? Do you enjoy doing the daily crossword puzzle in your local newspaper? Always looking for a perplexing puzzle to challenge your brain? Mystery Night is made specifically for you! We have a staff of designers bringing to you a series of challenging and engaging puzzles every few months.

  1. People looking for a great deal on a fun activity.

Want to do something fun in Minneapolis or St. Paul, but don’t want to break the bank? Find escape rooms fun, but too expensive to do all the time? Mystery Night experience are as low as $13 a person! Find a team of up to 6 people and everyone can enjoy the fun of an escape room. Plus, each game lasts 90-120 minutes, so you’re getting twice the fun for half the price!

Trapped Puzzle Rooms’ newest Mystery Night games are perfect for everyone.You can get your tickets now at www.mysterynightmn.com.

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